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Ushering in the Era of a Fair Trade Workforce

June 24, 2021
Ushering in the Era of a Fair Trade Workforce

Delivery services have become increasingly popular as the world has transitioned to adopt digital technologies. Customers are turning to delivery for all categories of products, and businesses rely on delivery riders to meet the needs of modern shoppers.

However, despite the rising importance of delivery, many couriers still face issues with pay and workplace conditions. These issues affect overall morale and performance, often resulting in unpleasant experiences for the courier and the end customer.

Today's customers have greater demands for delivery services. According to a Supply Chain report, one-third of customers aged 18-24 report dissatisfaction with delivery times. Similarly, a market survey by Accenture shows that 66% of millennial shoppers expect to receive their orders within an hour.

At Ryde, we believe that we can significantly improve delivery experiences for consumers by prioritizing the welfare of delivery riders. We set out to revolutionize the delivery industry for customers and organizations through ethical treatment, transparency, competitive benefits, and fair wages - in fact, we pay our riders 20% more on average than our competitors.

Supports Last-Mile Deliveries

Industry leaders from the World Economic Forum expect a 78% growth in demand for last-mile deliveries by 2030. Companies and customers want improved reliability, speed, and consistency in last-mile delivery services across all product categories. Customers unsatisfied with an organization's last-mile logistics may pick a competitor with a seamless delivery system, leading to business losses.

We believe that the solution to optimal last-mile deliveries lies in equipping riders with the comprehensive support they need to fulfill their tasks. Ryde constantly improves its on-demand delivery services by providing optimized rider travel routes, live support, and quality communication channels.

We empower our delivery riders by offering various job types and the ability to preview and select jobs based on the route. They can choose between on-demand and scheduled work, which enables riders to optimize their schedules and help them balance their days. As we see it, happy riders equal a better customer experience and thus a stronger relationship between the end customer and the brands they are ordering from.

Empowering SMBs

SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) often lack the infrastructure and human resources to match the quality of delivery services from larger corporations. Efficiency is a particularly common issue - delivering products quickly and reliably. Ryde offers a game-changing solution for SMBs by providing a pool of vetted and trusted riders that can be conveniently integrated into existing delivery structures.

With Ryde, SMBs may scale their rider network according to market and seasonal demands while benefiting from the optimized services of a dedicated, fair trade workforce.

Access to a SaaS application like the Ryde fully integrated delivery platform can empower an SMB to better manage their delivery workforce whilst seamlessly accessing a real-time fleet from the Ryde pool of thousands of couriers. Alongside this, SMBs can benefit from a whole host of features, including live mapping, the ability to communicate easily with the workforce, real-time updates to jobs, and tracking links for end customers. All these things help SMBs compete with large businesses like Amazon, also delivering in the last mile.

Connect with Customers

There has been a growing connection between buyers and sellers. Today's customers are willing to pay more to support brands and companies with a relatable social or environmental mission. An estimated 88% of customers look forward to purchasing from brands and businesses that help them make a positive impact.

Ryde officially supports fair trade through ethical treatment, fair wages, and competitive benefits for delivery riders. By partnering and affiliating with Ryde, businesses may attract a more extensive customer base in the long run.

Versatile Services

Ryde follows an industry-agnostic approach, which means organizations and businesses of any size in any industry can benefit from our fully integrated SaaS delivery platform. If a company wants to compete with the growing movement toward faster and more flexible delivery, managing a blended workforce on the Ryde platform is a huge value add offering.

We prioritize the well-being of all riders and customers by fostering an ecosystem of mutual trust, respect, and success. As such, we maintain the highest standards in rider safety, delivery tracking, and hiring procedures to achieve optimal outcomes for all parties.

Ryde aims to become an industry leader in the fair trade workforce revolution for delivery riders. Our fleet recently expanded operational areas to serve the cities of Bristol, Cambridge, and Manchester, with plans to extend across Europe by late 2021.

Ryde is your reliable ally in fair trade, on-demand delivery services. We specialize in last-mile and one-hour delivery services that meet the most urgent demands. Visit our site to recruit our fleet of trusted experts on the road, or join us as a delivery rider to access a wide range of career possibilities.

Duncan Mitchell
Duncan Mitchell

Duncan is Co-Founder at Ryde. His top speed is 12 mph.

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