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Hi! We’re Ryde 👋

We’re going the last-mile to get deliveries into customers hands. We enable businesses large and small to manage their internal delivery workforce while giving them access to our pool of on-demand riders.
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Ryde is lucky to have the support of some of the world’s leading institutional VCs and angel investors including these guys.
Why we do it

The world’s first end-to-end
delivery management platform

We launched our platform to bring our gig economy expertise to a new market. A market that we think needed a makeover. As consumers our team was always frustrated by late or lost orders, sloppy food, little notes that replaced missed deliveries, rude couriers, inflexible slots, the list went on.

But then we took a look from the other side and OMG! We found couriers enduring sub-minimum wage pay with virtually no support, little transparency in the role, harsh penalties, no flexibility, not enough work, in the cold and the rain. Sometimes even going hungry while delivering food! Not cool.

In between the two were thousands of great businesses. Businesses that wanted to deliver better customer experiences, businesses that lacked effective last-mile solutions to respond to consumer demand... enter Ryde!

We're so excited to be unlocking the last-mile for everyone from the high street retailer to the eCommerce giant. Hyper-local delivery has arrived for everyone.

We're also here to be the champion of the little guy. To ensure that every delivery is made by a happy, respected rider.


people are estimated to be working in the gig economy in 2022


increase in eCommerce sales by focusing on the delivery experience.


of millenials want < 1 hour delivery
Who we are

Our Values

We like to try to surround ourselves with people smarter than us.
We're nosey! We want to constantly learn how to get better at what we do.
We love making beautiful products and we don't like to compromise.
Life should be fun! We want our business to be one big adventure.

Meet our Leadership

The founders, Tom Nimmo and Duncan Mitchell have considerable sector-specific experience. Tom grew cleaning marketplace Hassle across Europe before the team sold the company to German-based Helpling. Duncan, on the other hand, developed TempTribe into a market-leader in tech-enabled hospitality staffing.

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Ryde is the only platform where you can manage and scale your internal workforce alongside an on-demand rider pool.
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