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Streamlining Delivery

Workforce Managed.
Delivery Sorted.

We help businesses of any size access an end-to-end delivery management solution. For everything from live route mapping to proof of delivery, count on Ryde to power your business.
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Growing your brand value

Your brand, powered by Ryde

Fully customise our platform to work for your business. From permissions and branding to automation and triggered notifications we built Ryde to work for you.
Brand Identity
Ryde is a fully white-labelled platform meaning your customers engage with only your brand.
Rider Notifications
Use our live communications platform to keep your rider base informed and to manage real-time changes on jobs.
Custom Rules
Set up your delivery channels to match business needs. Automate job offerings, create cancellation timeouts and more.
Rider Categorisation
Segment your workforce effectively with our tagging functionality. Ensure the best people on the appropriate jobs.
Permissions Management
Grant the right accesss to the right people. Multi-layer, multi-site admin management.
Scheduled Payroll
Create and execute flexible payroll runs. Export workforce information or integrate with your preferred platform.
Location Management
Build multiple sites and service locations. Geofence check in/out and enable managers to make live changes.
System Automation
Configure the Ryde system to ensure your manual processes are automated. Instantly assign jobs or flag live risks.
work smarter, work better

Customise your Workforce

Whether you're managing an internal team, looking for on-demand delivery riders or a blended approach we've got you covered.

Build your team

Onboarding & Verification
Equipment & Gear
Set management permissions
Rider tagging & segmentation

Deliver seamlessly

Scheduling & site management
Rider app
Live comms & support
Rider check in/out
Pull from on-demand workforce
Live tracking

Delight your riders

Blended job offerings
Transparent earnings
Job history
Access to rider benefits

Deliver with scalable software 
& hardware solutions

Tap into our workforce of 15,000+ delivery couriers, advanced software for fleet and workforce management, and range of small electric vehicles.

Custom branded vehicles can be made available to you, locked and charged in dedicated ports, installed across inner city parking locations and maintained by the company.
One App for everything

Empower your riders

Optimise your riders with the world’s leading delivery app.
Effortless onboarding
Simplify training and verifications
Blended jobs
Offer riders on-demand, scheduled and shift work
Rewards and experiences
Live tracking
Visualise your fleet at all times
Riders can manage their own
Proof of delivery
Track and verify your drops
“Best ever app that I work with. Excellent support team.”
by Ekaiya Uqeuqe
“Absolutely love working with Ryde and would recommend to other riders to join.”
by Mohamed Sharif
Deliver flawlessly

Optimise your
delivery journey

Deliver flawlessly

Optimise your
delivery journey

Craft your perfect job, choose from a variety of delivery types such as on-demand, scheduled or shift work.
Full visibility of your operations through our platform allows you to effortlessly support both your riders and clients.
Real-time tracking, live maps and route optimisation provides a cohesive overview of your fleet.
Analyse the performance of your delivery channels with concise data reports and analytics.
Smart analytics

Improve business decision making

Smart analytics

Improve business decision making

Analyse Trends
Deep dive into customer order patterns and trends. Better prepare your business to service their needs.
Review Performance
Assess organisational performance across a range of metrics from pick up times to reassignments.
Tailored Reporting
Design and share tailored business reports across your company. Use data to make smart changes.
enabling a new way of selling

Unlocking the last-mile for every business

Ryde is the most powerful, flexible, fully integrated delivery management platform available today. For small businesses, the product can be accessed through a range of plugs ins and third party integrations.

For enterprise customers, our open API integration means that you can imbed and brand Ryde coherently within your organisation.
Ride the delivery wave

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with Ryde

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