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Fair Pay.
Flexible work.
Real support.

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Why we’re different

We’re ‘Riders First!’

For far too long big companies have taken advantage of gig workers. They’ve hidden their actual pay, penalised them unfairly, manipulated job routes and forgotten to support their people.
At Ryde, every decision we make is based on being a ‘Riders First’ business. You are our most important customer and we’re working for you.
Better Pay
On average, our riders make 20% more than other delivery apps. We pay for your time and the distance you actually travel.
Full Transparency
View the full details of any on-demand or scheduled job before you accept and commit to it. Plan your day better.
Live Support
Our team is on hand, on the app, to help you with those unexpected on the job situations. Real humans!
No More Multi-apping
Our app allows you to work with multiple businesses, all from one single app. Deliver anything from flowers to pharma.
Providing Flexibility
Work on-demand with us whenever it suits you. Manage your jobs with no penalties or ratings to worry about.
Work in your own style
Blend your work with on-demand, scheduled jobs and shifts. Multiple work opportunities in one app.
“Absolutely love working with Ryde and would recommend to other riders to join.”
Mohammed S.
“Great app, good pay, great communications, pick up locations are very popular, the best customer service ever.”
Zana A.
FleXibility is key

We're all about Variety

Ryde is the only platform where you can choose from three types of jobs


Launch the app and get riding. We push out  thousands of jobs available at the click of a button across the UK.


Pick up scheduled jobs, enabling you to plan your workday better. Build a daily plan of drops that best suit you.


Book in hourly shifts for regular and consistent earnings. Develop long term relationships with customers.
Become a rider

What you’ll need

To ride with us you need to be 18 years or older.
Right to work in the UK
This means you are either a UK or EU citizen, have a work permit or valid work visa.
You need to have a working smartphone to use our mobile app.
A mode of transport
You can ride with us using a Bike, E-Bike, E-Scooter, Scooter/Motorbike or Car. For Scooter/Motorbike or Car a valid insurance is needed.
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