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UK's Net Zero Pledge and What This Means for Your Business

Industry Insights
September 15, 2021
UK's Net Zero Pledge and What This Means for Your Business

In recent years, the United Kingdom has made major headway in its pursuit of a net zero economy. Not only was it the first major economy to pass a net zero pledge, but it's living up to its goals, with the target being net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It may sound like a far-off goal, but it's a big one, and requires the help of all organisations to make it possible. So, what should you be doing to help?

What Is the Net Zero Pledge?

As of 2021, just two years after the Net Zero Pledge was initially announced, analysts have reported that the United Kingdom is already halfway to meeting its target. Carbon Brief found that the UK's greenhouse gas emissions were 51% less last year than in 1990.

It's important to compare today's emissions to 1990 levels, as that's actually how "net-zero" is defined for the United Kingdom. In order to reach its net-zero target, the United Kingdom must cut greenhouse gas emissions to at least 100% below 1990 levels, with the aim to do so by 2050. It's worth noting that this target does not include emissions from international aviation or shipping, though officials are working to revise the goal to include these emissions as well.

The UK's 2020 levels mark major progress, although a great deal of the reduction can be attributed to the pandemic. In any case, organisations across the UK still have plenty of work ahead of them.

Meeting the Net Zero Guidelines

Every organisation plays a role in meeting the UK's net-zero target, but your changes should be inspired by far more than legislation. As consumers become more climate-aware, they're more apt to support businesses that share similar values and visions.

By adopting net-zero principles and taking active steps to reduce emissions, your organisation can build loyalty while having a sizable positive impact on the environment at large. The issue that most businesses are facing today is that they truly have no idea where to begin.

How do you cut emissions without impacting efficiency, quality, or scale? Partnering with a trusted company like Ryde can help steer you in the right direction so that you can take that first big step.

How Ryde Can Help Your Organisation

To get in alignment with the UK's net-zero target, organisations must rethink the way they do business and, in doing so, seek out reliable partners who will support their goals of reducing emissions. Ryde is the perfect business to have by your side.

We are the worlds first workforce service business in the last-mile delivery industry helping companies manage and scale their internal workforces alongside an on-demand rider pool. We offer on-demand delivery, one-hour delivery, green delivery, and last-mile delivery, serving customers throughout all major industries.

We feel strongly about working with our customers to partner with bicycle and ebike couriers, we are passionate about keeping our local communities clean, and we are driving towards a net zero workforce.

When you partner with Ryde, your customers will enjoy an improved buying experience, boosting your sales and repeat business. Plus, Ryde is industry agnostic, allowing us to service any company of any size, whether you're in retail, groceries, eCommerce, pharmaceuticals, professional services, or the restaurant business, we've got you covered.

Top Benefits of Partnering with Ryde

As shipping times wreaked havoc on current supply chains of large corporations such as Amazon, last mile delivery options have begun to level the playing field for small and mid sized businesses. At Ryde we focus on our local communities. We make deliveries utilizing bicycles and green delivery options through a blended workforce of riders available for scheduled or on-demand deliveries in under an hour.

Ryde believes in a fair economy that supports the needs of organisations, the wants of customers, and the rights of all workers. Not only does Ryde help power the gig economy and reduce brands' environmental footprint, we also offer a number of other direct benefits to organisations, like:

  • Our platform will help you get orders fulfilled in less than an hour.
  • We blend multiple delivery methods to achieve instant and scheduled arrivals.
  • Riders enjoy new opportunities, fair pay, and benefits.
  • Companies enjoy a reliable and consistent workforce.
  • Businesses can scale operations effectively.

Ride the Delivery Wave

Your organisation has a shared responsibility in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and that means your business has a big role to play in the UK's net-zero pledge. Making these changes won't be easy for anyone, but Ryde can point you in the right direction. By matching consumer values and taking an active step toward reducing your organisation's environmental impact, you'll enjoy perks that go far beyond your bottom line.

It's time that your organisation began taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the last-mile delivery industry—it's time to partner with Ryde. With Ryde at your side, your organisation will be on track to help the UK meet its net-zero targets while your brand builds loyalty and a stronger reputation by supporting fair pay, worker benefits, and minimised environmental impact.

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Duncan Mitchell
Duncan Mitchell

Duncan is Co-Founder at Ryde. His top speed is 12 mph.

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