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Types of Work and Why

November 17, 2021
Types of Work and Why

Ryde was born when our team pivoted our hospitality SaaS platform into last-mile. It was a Covid driven change but serendipitously we realised there was a huge amount of commonality in the problem set and industry challenges. We initially launched with our on demand and scheduled courier services.

On demand deliveries mean our customers can receive their deliveries within an hour of ordering and in most cases within less than 30 minutes. This product is a great fit for hyper local food & grocery deliveries, and more recently retail customers are looking to better respond to consumer demand for rapid delivery.

Our scheduled delivery option gives even more flexibility, we offer the ability to specify your delivery time, so you can ensure you are in and ready for our rider. So no more waiting at home between 8am and 6pm just for the courier to arrive the second you go to the toilet!

After Ryde expanded through the food industry, a lot of customers were unsure if the on demand or scheduled offerings were for them. It quickly became apparent that we could offer something else, a new way of working for last mile delivery that we had already perfected from our hospitality days - hourly shifts.

Hourly shifts are exactly what you think they are! Our riders can book themselves onto an hourly shift and within that shift they will complete bike deliveries or car deliveries for a customer. This works best for those customers who have one central location they deliver from, and who deliver out to a certain radius from there. This feature has enabled Ryde to grow quickly and support a number of different operations throughout the food and grocery space initially, and now into the retail sector.

Ryde has developed the world's leading, fully integrated last-mile delivery platform. It could be that a customer knows exactly what their business levels will be on a weekly basis and can schedule in delivery riders on a rota; or perhaps extra last minute deliveries come in; or as we have all become accustomed to in the current climate, an internal rider has to self-isolate at the last minute. Ryde has the flexibility to be able to handle the planned bookings as well as the unexpected.

With a rider base of more than 10,000 riders across the UK, Ryde is constantly growing and looking for new ways to engage our rider pool and offer more work to our loyal riders in new product categories. Our platform is sector agnostic and a great solution for any business looking to expedite the last-mile.

If you want to find out more, get in touch!

Piran Miller
Piran Miller

Business Development Director at Ryde

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