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Ryde joins forces with Zapiet to provide exclusive national same-day delivery for Shopify merchants.

May 11, 2021
Ryde joins forces with Zapiet to provide exclusive national same-day delivery for Shopify merchants.

One-hour, same-day and next-day pledges now available to thousands of smaller e-commerce merchants through integration of Ryde and Zapiet platforms.

11 May, 2021; London, United Kingdom – Ryde, fast becoming a disruptive force in the UK’s last-mile delivery market, today announced it has signed a partnership with Zapiet, Shopify’s leading recommended in-store pickup and local delivery solution, to provide same-day delivery capabilities in Britain for thousands of Shopify merchants.

UK-based Zapiet is an e-commerce app exclusively for Shopify merchants, allowing them to fulfill orders directly to the doors of customers. Zapiet serves 10,000 merchants in 150 countries, pledging pick-up, shipping and timely delivery of products bought on Shopify pages.

Under the agreement, Ryde will connect Zapiet, and its thousands of merchants around the world, with same-day-delivery couriers in the UK, allowing Zapiet to open the country as a new territory for Shopify sellers.

“Our agreement with Ryde is predicated on its ability to reach customers across the United Kingdom and support us and our Shopify merchants with a promise of seamless, flexible, scalable, same-day delivery,” said Andy Cargill, Founder and CEO of Zapiet. “We see this move as a game-changer, not only for Zapiet and our customers, but for Ryde’ couriers and end-customers all across the UK, who can now look forward to peerless delivery service.”

Ryde will provide same-day, next-day and under-one-hour for merchants using Zapiet, extending the company’s reach and meeting a demand in the market that has previously rarely been filled.

“Fast delivery is rare, but it is undoubtedly the future of the industry,” said Ryde CEO Duncan Mitchell. “Ryde is committed to filling that gap. We are extremely pleased that Zapiet has placed its trust in us to be its first last-mile delivery partner offering what Ryde offers. The company can see that Ryde is laser-focused on improving conditions for couriers, merchants and aggregators.”

Through the Zapiet-Ryde integration, smaller businesses have plug-and-play access to comprehensive delivery services that allow them to make fast-response pledges. Such promises have traditionally only been available to larger e-commerce players that can invest in API integration native to their platform.

Ryde is a fast-growing presence in the UK last-mile delivery market, having recorded 1,000% month-on-month growth in revenue during its first three months of operations. Founded on a promise to give the nation’s gig sector a makeover, Ryde has onboarded more than 2,000 couriers and has reached a joining average of 150 per week. Its corporate team has doubled in size each month to meet swelling demand.

Through its partnership with Zapiet, Ryde’ riders will now be connected to many more stores, while smaller e-commerce companies, aggregators, and restaurants with or without a Shopify site can integrate with the company’s platform at will.

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About Zapiet

Zapiet builds industry-leading pick-up and shipping solutions for Shopify. Its products let retailers offer outstanding flexibility and convenience to customers and help previously brick-and-mortar-only businesses harness the potential of an integrated online store. Founded in 2015, Zapiet now helps power 10,000 stores in more than 150 countries, from pop-up stands to Fortune 500 brands.

About Ryde

Ryde is revolutionising on-demand delivery, putting riders in control of more than just their vehicles. Our company was built in direct response to the untenable injustices faced by couriers every day. We created a safe space for them, where they could feel respected and protected, and receive more work, better pay, and enhanced working conditions. Through a centralised app, Ryde streamlines delivery routes, provides financial assistance and on-the-job perks, and puts delivery professionals back in charge of their lives.

Duncan Mitchell
Duncan Mitchell

Duncan is Co-Founder at Ryde. His top speed is 12 mph.

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