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Ryde ِExpands sustainable delivery services to Manchester

June 20, 2022
Ryde ِExpands sustainable delivery services to Manchester

The fast growing delivery logistics company brings cost-effective, sustainable, and rapid delivery options to restaurants and retailers in Manchester

Ryde, a delivery service company providing businesses with the technology, people, and vehicles to create integrated logistics solutions, has expanded to Manchester. It offers a wide range of sustainable, cost-effective, and speedy delivery options to the city's retail, grocery, and pharma sector companies.

Ryde has worked with an unwavering dedication to support its workforce. As a result, the company's highly engaged rider pool has manifested bigger and better experiences for their end customers. The company offers sustainable delivery through a wide range of fleet options, including bicycles, electric bikes, and cargo bikes for clients needing more space for larger deliveries or multi-drops.

Ryde has successfully helped businesses across multiple sectors manage and scale their deliveries within two short years. Given the platform's swift growth and growing clientele, its expansion to newer territories comes as no surprise.

Duncan Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder at Ryde, said: "Highest quality of service and offering remains at the heart of what we do at Ryde. The platform's expansion to new regions is a testament to our commitment to our customers and riders. The gig economy has been stigmatised due to the prevalence of short-term contracts and overall uncertainty in the field. But with Ryde coming into full play, we are promoting customer as well as rider interests. By expanding services to Manchester, we hope to continue the stellar work in helping businesses grow and transform themselves into something better."

In a world full of rapid transformation and fast paced development, Ryde has continued to be the driving force of change in the gig economy. Established in the midst of a year buried under the wrath of Covid-19, the delivery service platform has provided businesses with the technology, people and vehicles to create integrated logistic solutions.

Last year, the company raised its seed funding, and a few months later, it has already begun expanding to major cities across the country. An increasing number of customers are now demanding faster and more flexible deliveries. Ryde has proven to be a catalyst of change in the delivery market. By developing superior technology such as the unique shift booking feature, Ryde has helped customers by reducing operations costs and improving overall productivity.

About Ryde

Ryde provides an integrated delivery solution for everyone from the high street retailer to the eCommerce giant. Built on the basis of high quality technology, Ryde supports businesses in establishing a custom fleet of vehicles and a curated team of riders and drivers, all to supercharge their delivery management. Visit Ryde.team to learn more about how Ryde is transforming last-mile logistics for good.

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