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Rider Safety

October 6, 2021
Rider Safety

With the days getting shorter, the temperatures getting lower and the harsh weather starting to roll in, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share our recommended gear to keep you comfortable and, most importantly, safe out there on the road!

Mudguards are essential when cycling in wet weather, not only to keep you and your bike from being covered in muddy road spray but it also helps protect your components, especially when the roads start getting gritted. A good set of mudguards will set you back £25 to £40. Check in at your local bike shop or Halfords.

With the days getting shorter, a set of rechargeable lights are critical to your safety. Ensure your batteries are always charged up so you are not left in the dark or charge up with a power bank. If you have lights from last winter that are not working, don't rush out and buy a new set, good quality lights are designed to go into 'Summer mode' to protect the battery. Press and hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds and they should start working again. If that doesn't work rechargeable front and rear lights are bundled together from around £15 on Amazon or for higher quality and more durable lights, see the range at beryl.cc

Three things that are important to carry as a delivery rider - an emergency pump, a torch and a portable battery charger. The VEEAPE rechargeable hand-held compressor is an all-in-one device - saving time and space in your bag. Need to inflate a tyre in the middle of nowhere? Sorted. Low battery on your lights or phone? No problem. Can’t see the house numbers in the dark? Easy. £40, Amazon.

We recommend owning two pairs of gloves, one with closed fingers and one with open. The open gloves are better for milder days as they give better access to the touchscreen. For the cold days opt for a full fingered cycling glove with touchscreen compatible fingertips. Without these, it will be a frustrating experience of taking the gloves on and off to use the app. They also act as a great shock resistor! Wide selection at your local bike shop or on Amazon.

Reflective slap bands are cheap and add lots of visibility. Snap them onto your wrists, ankles and even on your bike frame! £5 to £10 for a multi-pack on Amazon.

Trespass waterproof trousers will keep your legs completely dry in wet weather, £15 at trespass.com, and a pair of sealskinz socks will keep your feet warm and dry, even in a torrential downpour. £25 to £40, sealskinz.com

Remember to stay alert, don’t take risks and don’t rush. Do not try to use your phone when in motion. Pull over if you need to contact support. We’re here to help. Keep drinking water, even though it’s cold!

You can find more information about health & safety whilst riding and a list of essential protective gear on our help centre https://help.ryde.team/protective-gear

What are your essential products for on the job? Join the conversation, instagram.com/ryde.team/

Mikey, Rider Ops
Mikey, Rider Ops

Live Operations Assistant at Ryde.

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