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On-Demand Delivery Changing the Way Consumers Shop

Industry Insights
May 14, 2021
On-Demand Delivery Changing the Way Consumers Shop

The popularity of online shopping has significantly risen over the past decade, and once the pandemic hit in 2020, online orders exploded. These days, consumers want great prices, but more than anything, they want fast delivery. Research shows that 56% of online consumers between the age of 18-34 years expect same-day delivery, and 61% of consumers will pay more for same-day delivery.

Speedy fulfillment and distribution have become an expectation, and if you're going to remain competitive, you need to make last-mile, on-demand, sane same-day delivery a priority.

What Is Last-Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the last step of the delivery process. This is the period when a parcel is moved from a transportation hub to its final destination. As a business owner, you want this critical step to go quickly and efficiently. The problem is, the "last-mile" portion of the shipping process is often the most time-consuming and expensive. Since the online marketplace is so competitive, companies can't afford to disappoint their customers. Unfortunately, this means they end up absorbing a lot of the cost — as much as 25%.

These challenges have led to an increasing need for alternative solutions.

Focusing on the pandemic, COVID has more than doubled food-delivery apps' business — and the food industry is just one example. The pandemic also fueled a boom in online retail, forcing businesses of all sizes to adapt. Delivery operations needed to be scaled, which is why it became so beneficial to work with a third-party delivery company.

Business owners and vendors are now understanding the value of the gig economy, especially during the pandemic. By partnering with third-party delivery companies, businesses have been able to better handle the demand for more optimal last-mile, on-demand, and same-day deliveries.

The Rise of On-Demand Delivery

The recent pandemic created a surge of on-demand deliveries for many reasons, including:

  • Social distancing requirements.
  • Stay-at-home orders.
  • Restaurants being closed for in-person dining.
  • The COVID-led online shopping boom.
  • An increase in options that are cost-efficient and fast.

Same-day and next-day delivery services were already in the spotlight pre-COVID. Then once the pandemic hit, these services became a win-win solution for both providers and consumers. Being convenient, transparent, fast, and budget-friendly, on-demand delivery ticks all the boxes.

For years, there have been two categories of consumers — those who seek the best price or deal and those driven by immediacy and convenience. Last-mile delivery has converged both types of consumers into a new class of shopper, and the number of people shopping online has increased more than ever before.

Since the pandemic first began, there has been a sharp influx of online orders. Although this was great for many businesses, deliveries became a nightmare — shipping carriers were maxed out. For nonessential goods, parcels were taking weeks or even months to reach their final destination.

That is when merchants of all sizes tapped into the on-demand delivery marketplaces. This option allowed them to optimize the last-mile delivery process and offer same-day shipping.

How Ryde Can Help Your Business Thrive

As we say at Ryde, "Come ride with us."

We connect you to on-demand delivery riders and drivers across London, offering flexible, same-day delivery jobs for businesses.

As a ‘Ryder-led’ business, we are on a mission to redefine last-mile delivery in the gig economy, offering support to businesses of all sizes who need help to deliver scheduled and on-demand orders.

We recognize that delivery couriers are the backbone of a booming industry but still don’t get treated the way they should. We believe that when riders and drivers are treated right, it trickles down and improves the buying experience for your customers. That is why we take care of our riders so that they take care of you!

Whether you're in the grocery, restaurant, retail, pharmaceutical, logistics, eCommerce, or any other industry that relies on swift delivery, Ryde can assist you!

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Duncan Mitchell
Duncan Mitchell

Duncan is Co-Founder at Ryde. His top speed is 12 mph.

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