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How do High Street Stores Compete Using Micro-Fulfillment?

January 28, 2022
How do High Street Stores Compete Using Micro-Fulfillment?

In many ways, Amazon has pioneered online shopping, and countless big warehouses have followed in its footsteps. As a result, today’s consumers have big expectations when it comes to variety--but that’s not even their biggest concern.

Fast Delivery is An Expectation, Not a Luxury

Over 80% of consumers in the UK expect to receive an item no longer than 3-5 days after they purchased it. Of those, over 10% expect their item in just 1-2 days.

For a high street store, these delivery demands can seem impossible to fulfill. How are you supposed to compete with the big warehouses and their crazy delivery promises when you simply don’t have the order volume or staff to do it?

Micro-fulfillment might just be the answer. By leveraging a flexible delivery workforce, your high street store can keep up with the likes of Amazon, and turn more shoppers into happy customers in the process. Let’s explore this option more closely.

Leveraging Micro-Fulfillment as a Small Store

Micro-fulfillment is a rapidly spreading concept that’s allowing local businesses to compete with the big guys by enabling them to offer fast delivery that doesn’t break the bank. Ryde is one partner that makes it possible.

Ryde is the world's leading fully integrated last-mile logistics solution for retail businesses. Simply integrate your products with the Ryde platform via your Shopify account and let the online or in-app sales come to you. When a customer makes a purchase, our team can fulfil their orders in as little as 1 hour via our network of on-demand green couriers.

As a store, you’ll enjoy rapid sales and fewer abandoned baskets. Meanwhile, your customers will enjoy instant gratification, a more positive buying experience, and fewer hurdles next time they want to purchase. That means multi-channel revenue growth for your business that will help your store thrive--even with decreasing foot traffic.

By blending your existing internal workforce with Ryde’s external workforce, you’re able to supercharge your business. We help you create omni-channel options that will wow your customers and grow your revenue.

Getting Started with Ryde

For many high street stores, micro-fulfillment is a promising concept, but it can be scary to take the first step. In reality, the Shopify + Ryde integration only takes minutes and you don’t need any technical expertise to manage it.

Simply connect your Shopify account and you’ll be empowered to offer on-demand delivery to your customers, bringing the convenience and speed they demand, without putting a strain on your store’s resources. You’re able to handle fleet management, third party logistics, and an outsourced workforce management in one simple platform.

Ryde offers a fully customizable portal where you can handle onboarding, verification, scheduling, and other crucial activities with ease. Tag and group orders to keep things tidy and make use of a notifications center and live communications to ensure everyone’s always on the same page.

With tracking links and route mapping, both you and your customers will be confident that their order will arrive on time. As orders stack up, Ryde’s reporting and analytics will help you see just how valuable our partnership is for your growing business.

Ready to take the next step? Check out the integration guide to get started or get in touch and we will guide you through the process.

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Mike Piotrowski
Mike Piotrowski

Mike is a keen cyclist (Top speed 25 mph) and you can find him contributing towards all things that lead towards a net zero economy.

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