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Hello, we're Ryde

October 12, 2020
Hello, we're Ryde

We are giving on-demand and same-day delivery a new (slightly fruitier) look. When our team first started exploring the delivery sector, we were more than surprised. We had heard it on the news, we had seen it on the streets, but after talking with independent couriers face-to-face, we still couldn’t believe the terrible experience they were having every day. 

From unfair pay to exploitative conditions, it doesn’t seem right that a sector that we so heavily rely on is so mismanaged. These are the people who hand-deliver those necessary groceries on a rainy day, the people who leave hangover cures on your doorstep when you cannot bear to move, and the ones who deliver birthday presents to your loved ones to show you care from hundreds of miles away.

With the same-day delivery sector expanding every day, we thought it was about time that something changed. We launched Ryde to bring our extensive gig economy expertise to a new market. A market that we think needed a makeover. 

It’s Time to Re-Invent the Wheel

Couriers and consumers are unhappy. 

As consumers, we found ourselves increasingly frustrated with late or lost orders, sloppy food, little notes that replaced missed deliveries, rude couriers, inflexible slots....the list went on.

When we took an in-depth look at the courier side, we saw why these things were happening. Couriers are experiencing sub-minimum wage pay with basically no support, little transparency, harsh penalties and added pressure, not enough work, and less than expectable conditions. How have we let this go on for so long? 

Last Mile with a Smile

Our mission is to build a last-mile marketplace that puts riders first. This means that we’re helping them get more work, better pay, improved conditions, streamlined delivery routes, financial assistance, on-the-job perks, and much more all through one centralised platform. 

This is not just great news for riders, this is also going to change the game for consumers and clients. We’ve learned from years of experience that when people are respected, treated fairly, paid appropriately, incentivized, and listened to, they do a better job for you. Who knew, right?

The Future of Ryde

We are listening to our community of Ryde and creating a platform where they are truly heard. Our amazing team has loads of exciting ideas in the pipeline. From in-app fitness trackers to financial dashboards, the possibilities are endless. 

We are launching in London this November and expanding to cities near you. We would love to hear from as many delivery riders as possible. Join the discussion and see how the future of on-demand delivery is changing. Email us at hello@ryde.team for any inquiries, comments, or suggestions.

Aeron Brackenbury
Aeron Brackenbury

Aeron is the Business Development Manager at Ryde. She lives to ride.

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