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Grocery and Restaurant Delivery

Industry Insights
November 26, 2021
Grocery and Restaurant Delivery

There is an increasing need for speed in today’s society. The capabilities of the modern connected world drive faster and more efficient processes that meet customer needs in record time. Additionally, living in a pandemic has fueled on-demand services, with surging customer trends aimed at speedier deliveries, specifically for the food and grocery industries.

As a result, most businesses face mounting pressure to keep up with the latest changes to fulfil the needs of modern customers or lose out to competitors that made the transition.

According to research, 70 percent of millennials expect delivery in one hour or less. The numbers are revelatory, considering that millennials comprise the majority spending group in society. Additionally, 56 percent of online consumers expect same-day delivery, while 61 percent are willing to pay a surcharge for the service.

With the paradigm shift in delivery standards seemingly unabated, your business needs a reliable delivery service to satisfy customer deliveries with minimal delay.

Ghost Kitchen/Remote Concepts on the Rise

Ghost kitchens have sprung up during post-pandemic times, essentially serving as F&B solutions without on-site serving staff or public eating areas. These novel establishments enable businesses to prepare and send food directly to offsite customers via delivery riders. As such, the success of these kitchens depends largely on the efficiency of delivery partners.

Similarly, with work-from-home and hybrid office arrangements comes an increased demand for home-cooked meals and routine food delivery. These deliveries need to occur promptly in restocking home supplies and ensuring that meals arrive fresh from the kitchen.

Trust and reliability are twin factors when partnering with a delivery service. Businesses need to ensure that orders arrive within agreed time-frames as much as possible (aside from unexpected scenarios such as congested traffic). With delivery services being the only physical contact between remote businesses and customers, it is vital to leave a positive impression with every order.

Last-Mile Concerns

Notably, many grocery and food delivery services encounter stumbling blocks with last-mile services. 61 percent of logistic companies report last-mile services as the most inefficient operation in the supply chain. The contributing factors behind these incompetencies apply to delivery services, especially for small companies that lack the infrastructure to vet and approve the most trusted drivers.

Common issues may involve poor route planning (i.e., long travel paths and missed delivery timing) and outdated technology (i.e., poor communication among riders, delivery companies, and customers). As a result, businesses fail to meet customer expectations, resulting in poor reviews that harm their reputation.

With an advanced white label delivery service like Ryde, you can improve fulfillment capacities and consistently optimise last-mile delivery with minimal business risks.

Ryde - The Solution to Modern Grocery and Restaurant Delivery

Ryde is a solutions provider in the delivery business, providing customized solutions fitted for all industries. Through the use of advanced GPS tracking and IoT capabilities, we provide your business with uncompromised accountability for every order–keeping your customers satisfied.

The Ryde SaaS platform allows you to create a branded client portal, upload and self manage your internal workforce, and outsource any additional jobs to the Ryde fleet. Our platform enables you to build bespoke rider pools and block inappropriate riders via tagging and filtering. Unique to Ryde is the ability to book multiple job types on-demand, hourly, scheduled, hourly on-demand and hourly instant.

We offer riders a systematic, live-tracking structure to stay productive based on their current location to schedule single and multi drops. As a result, businesses have gained a 20 percent increase in sales by using one-hour delivery with Ryde services.

Additionally, we go the extra mile to provide businesses with specialised services such as temperature chain management and ID checks for restricted items, which improves the professional reputation of your business.

With Ryde, you’ll have greater control over your deliveries, on time and on target.

Supercharge Your Deliveries and Power Your Business with Ryde.

Book a chat directly to find out more about Ryde and how we can help you grow your business.

Mike Piotrowski
Mike Piotrowski

Mike is a keen cyclist (Top speed 25 mph) and you can find him contributing towards all things that lead towards a net zero economy.

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