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The Flexibility of the Ryde Fleet

January 20, 2022
The Flexibility of the Ryde Fleet

Last-mile delivery demand is exploding, and Ryde’s flexible fleet enables companies to meet business goals and follow emerging marketplace expectations - reliable, fast, hyper-local - we empower small businesses and foster strong client partnerships to get goods on the road and into customers’ hands.

Our fleet is constantly evolving to offer a competitive edge to clients in all major industries - with on-demand, one-hour, scheduled, green, and last-mile delivery - and to provide continuing opportunity and support to our riders. Our fleet’s main players all go the extra mile, but each have their own advantages and features.

Bicycles and E-bikes

Bicycles are a great choice when it comes to meeting green business objectives. They may have a smaller capacity than other transport types, but that also makes them a more direct method - rest assured goods won’t be on a route with other deliveries and will make it directly to the customer.

This also means that they’re fast and convenient; direct deliveries that won’t get held up in traffic and can deliver to crowded areas where parking is difficult.

Choosing bike riders is also a great way to meet social business goals. Bicycle riders often stay close to home so tend to be local to the neighborhood. This method also supports the community by providing accessible entry into the job market: bicycles tend to be more affordable to purchase and maintain and don’t require special licensing to operate. E-bikes have these same advantages and features, but they can go further, faster.


Mopeds or motorbikes are the all-purpose workhorse of the fleet: they have speed and range and can take heavier loads. They are often able to maneuver through traffic and can have special parking accommodations in busy parts of the city.

Moped drivers will work all over a city and its outlying areas and have been known to do deliveries of 15km or more.

Larger Motor Vehicles

Ryde has a variety of larger motor vehicles in the fleet including electric options - cars, vans, and even taxis - to provide for bespoke business needs. These drivers can deliver over longer distances, incorporate more orders over a route, and/or accommodate larger or more delicate orders without weather issues other members of the fleet face.

Car drivers are a great choice for hourly or regular work, or when special vehicles need to be used on the job. Ryde is able to specially train members of the fleet, offer a driver pool of specially insured drivers or drivers with a DBS check, and much more to accommodate custom client needs.

The Ryde fleet is fast, flexible, and poised to achieve ever-changing business objectives in the modern marketplace.

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